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We live in a world of complexity where globalization, specialization and innovation are intertwining at unimaginable speeds. From the changing landscapes of power politics to the future of how the planet will find and use energy or the incredible new ways humans are interacting with one another, the world gets harder to grasp and the links between events are less clear. Through powerful documentaries, entertaining opinion news programming, non-fiction formats and hard-nosed journalism, Naim Media is there to guide viewers through their changing world and shine a light on the powerful missing links between stories.

Programs and Formats

NMG produces television formatted about current affairs and human interest. Its productions include Efecto Naim, a magazine-style news show, which cuts through the noise of daily news to explore the forces shaping today’s world. Efecto Naím features documentary-style reports and in depth, exclusive conversations with newsmakers from Christine Lagarde to Larry Summers, From Martha Stewart to Fareed Zakaria.


In collaboration with top studios and production houses, NMG creates feature-length documentaries that use powerful images to bring the surprises of a rapidly globalizing world to a mass-market audience. Its productions include Emmy-winning “Illicit: The Dark Trade” made in partnership with National Geographic. NMG Currently has two other documentary films in active production.

Award Winning Columns

NMG colaborates with leading journalists and top newspapers to research and publish hard-nosed articles. NMG’s co-founder, Moises Naim is one of the world’s most widely read columnists. His weekly articles appear in leading publications in several languages, including The Atlantic, El Pais (Spain) Repubblica (Italy), and Slate.Fr (France). From predicting the burst of the Brazilian bubble, to forecasting the global rise of anti-establishment politicians, the columns provoke thoughtful readers around the world.

Best Selling Books

From the changing tides of global power, to the vast networks of illicit trade, Moisés Naím has written deeply researched, and compelling bestsellers. His works, published in dozens of languages, have influenced top leaders from Bill Clinton to Mark Zuckerberg, who have recommended them to colleagues and the public.

Community Creation / Live Events

The senior management of NMG has decades of experience convening some of the most prestigious and exclusive gatherings of top business executives, global thought leaders, politicians, scientists, artists, practitioners and policy makers.

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