who we are

Naím Media Group brings together a multi-cultural, multi-generational team of successful scriptwriters, journalists, authors, producers and directors who generate some of the most original content now available in the media landscape. We specialize in turning complex, forbidding ideas into accessible content that explains the world to the world, one story a time.

Our catalog of both fiction and non-fiction series, films, documentaries, news formats, and curated communities helps our audiences discover the hidden and surprising connections between the events that shape today’s world. Our track record and direct access to studios, television networks, media executives, agencies and key decision makers allows us to turn incredible ideas into reality. While our relationships with global influencers and the protagonists of current history combined with our teams’ storytelling prowess allows us to transform complicated narratives into riveting, accessible content that appeals to audiences around the world.

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what we do

Naím Media Group brings several diverse offerings under one roof. Across different mediums and formats we strive to tell powerful stories that enlighten, surprise, entertain, and connect. We focus on story development, content production, rights acquisitions, and community creation through live events. Our unique access to sources across disciplines coupled with our proven capacity to produce and finance projects lets us transform scripted and non-scripted ideas into reality.

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From Heads-of-State to the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, from the editors of the world’s most influential newspapers to Nobel Laureates, from five-star generals to global thought-leaders, Naím Media Group has unparalleled access to unique sources and key-decision makers. With over 50 years of experience creating and discovering unique stories and connecting people across industries and disciplines, Naím Media Group is producing acclaimed projects that have the world talking.

“No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story" 

-Daniel Kahneman

“In the end, we all become stories.”

-Margaret Atwood

“If you can find what’s sacred in other people’s stories, then you’ll be able to forge a relationship that lasts.”

- President Barack Obama